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P & C Book Fair
P & C Book Fair
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Edu Dance

From the Principal

In 2018 we launched our new Business Plan 2019-2021 and we celebrate our triennial IPS review. Both these documents are now available on this site and I encourage you to read about our strategic direction for the next three years. The key foci for both documents are:
• Leadership
• Learning Environment
• Teaching Quality
• Relationships and Partnerships
• Use of Resources
IPS external reviewer validation of the school quotes:
‘The tone of the school reflects a collective sense of pride in creating the conditions for students to feel safe and supported, to embrace their individuality and to grow emotionally and academically. “Children are known, understood, appreciated and valued.” (parent)
‘The school has highly experienced teachers who take seriously their responsibility for the children in their care.’
‘The leaders’ respect for the diversity and difference of the school community, demonstrated by a genuine desire to build knowledge and understanding is acknowledged, appreciated and reciprocated.
‘The Principal builds trusting and supportive relationships, with a focus on the health and well-being of all staff and students. It is a primary driver of student success and provides the foundation for a successful change agenda.’