School Board Members

Board Chair and Parent Representative - Joe Vettoor

I am delighted to have our twins currently attending Osborne Primary, and I am eagerly anticipating our daughter joining them soon. As a parent who is passionate about education, I am excited to become involved in the school community. I strongly believe in the school's mission of creating a community that nurtures children to strive to achieve their personal best. As the newly appointed chairperson of the school board, I look forward to supporting and contributing to Osborne Primary’s continued success.

Secretary and Parent Representative - Hayley Robinson

Hi, I am Hayley and my two daughters attend Osborne Primary School. We are so glad we chose Osborne Primary as we love the smaller size,the care and attention the children get from all the teachers, and the support we get as parents from the school. I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent the school parents and community on the board and I look forward to continuing supporting the school in any way I can.

Principal - Kylie Jones

As Principal, I bring to the board a wide range of experiences having worked in a number of school environments. Being part of a school board and working with the community to improve student outcomes is an important role and I value to the input that all members make. I look forward to working alongside the Board and we move into our next cycle of leadership.

Deputy Principal - Kristin Pittard

I’ve been at Osborne Primary School since 2014. In this time, I have had a variety of teaching roles and have undertaken numerous projects in the areas of Art and Indigenous education. I currently teach Year 2 and lead the school’s literacy portfolio. I love being a part of a small multicultural community where we celebrate diversity and are afforded the opportunity to foster strong relationships with all of our students and their families.  I take pride in our school and look forward to supporting the board and contributing to the future of Osborne PS.

Staff Representative - Julia Boardman

I have enjoyed teaching at Osborne Primary School since 2004, after relocating to Perth from NSW. I have taught in many different roles across the school including classroom, support and relief teacher and more recently specialist teacher. This role allows me to work with and develop relationships with students across the whole school. I now look forward to my role on the school board to support and make a positive contribution to the future of our school.

Parent/ P & C Representative - Tom and Sarah Sharpe

With our daughter and son attending Osborne Primary, we are both delighted and excited to be a part of the road mapping of the schools future endeavours.  From the always supportive and skilled staff to the emphasis on the importance of cultural inclusion, Osborne Primary is a great place for our next generation to grow and learn.

Parent/ P & C Representative - Kym Eaton

As a dedicated member of the Osborne Primary School community, I am honoured to serve on the School Board. My journey began when my son entered kindergarten at Osborne, sparking my involvement with the P&C. Since 2021, I've proudly served as the P&C President, advocating for the school's excellence and fundraising. Now, as a board member, I am thrilled to contribute to Osborne's vision and future success.

Parent  Representative - Vanessa Robertson

I have had many happy years at Osborne Primary School, arriving in 2018 with our eldest daughter. Now with 4 children enrolled, I'm excited to take this next step through participating in the school board. As a parent, I have watched my children grow through Osborne's inclusive and welcoming environment, led by a committed and talented teaching and staff team. I look forward to supporting the school in their vision 'to develop curious, passionate life-long learners'. 

Parent Representative - Tat Khaw

My granddaughter attends Osborne Primary and her brother enrolling in 2025. I myself had many amazing years in the public school system. I hope with my corporate and industry experience, I can make a modest contribution working with the Board, staff and community. The hope is to bring a rewarding and enriching schooling experience for the children building on their knowledge, skills and values preparing them for a future.

Community Representative - Peggy Hutchinson 

My neighbour and I volunteer in the garden in front of the Pre-Primary because we love nature and wanted to help create something beautiful. I have always liked the following quote by John F. Kennedy: “Children are the living messages we send to a future we will not see”. I look forward to working with people committed to giving each child the care and skills needed for that future.