Containers for Change

Recycling at Osborne Primary School

As a part of Osborne Primary School’s Waste Wise program, the school is continuing with multiple recycling initiatives teaching students about the importance of ‘The 3 Rs’ – ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’

During School
Some of the initiatives that students are involved in include:
– recycling classroom paper and cardboard
– collecting ‘crunch ‘n sip’ fruit and veggie scraps for our school worm farms
– collecting lunch and recess scraps for our school compost bin

As a Community
As a community our school is involved in recycling containers, batteries and stationery. If you have any items to recycle, allocated bins can be found outside the music room.

Osborne Primary School is currently collecting containers as a part of the government scheme, Containers for Change.
This scheme is aimed at encouraging Western Australians to collect and return eligible beverage containers in exchange for money.

We are collecting containers that are 150mL – 3L including:
– drink cans
– plastic bottles
– glass bottles
– liquid paperboard eg juice boxes

All containers must be washed and any lids need to be removed and put in the lid bag attached to the containers bin.
Each container collected earns money for our school to continue sustainability projects.

Used batteries of any size

– Used Stationery recycling
Osborne Primary is collecting used stationery and sending it off to be recycled. Stationery includes:
– pens
– markers
– highlighters
– correction fluid (pens or bottles)