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Social/Emotional Learning at Osborne Primary

BUZ – Build Up Zone – www.buildupzone.com

In addition to the on-going social and emotional learning that happens every day at Osborne Primary, all classes (except Kindy) are invited to participate in an age-appropriate “Build Up Zone” program that runs over approximately 8 x 1hr sessions per year. BUZ uses games, stories, activities, role plays and much more to introduce and develop a common language around such topics as friendship, handling emotions, resolving conflict and becoming bully-proof. Students are invited to consider their own strengths and look for ways to engage with the strengths of others.

The BUZ programs link in closely with elements of the Health learning area of the Australian Curriculum and are designed to help students develop in the areas of emotional literacy, self-regulation, social competence, positive peer relations and interpersonal problem solving skills.

For more information, please contact Mel at melissac@youthcare.org.au