School Board
Osborne Primary School

Jodie Scott – Board Chair and Parent

I have three children attending Osborne Primary and am therefore very keen to be involved of the school community. As chairperson of the School Board, I endeavour to make a positive contribution to the school, and look forward to being a part of the continued positive progression that Osborne Primary strives to achieve.

Lisa Summers – Secretary and Parent 

I have both Joshua and Isabelle attending Osborne Primary and love that they can be part of a school so close to our home in Stirling. I am proud of Osborne Primary and the contribution that the teachers and parents have made to both the children and community as a whole. I look forward to being an active member of the school board as we continue to strive for and participating in the future achievements.

Anuradha Parida- Parent

My name is Anuradha Parida and my son goes to Kindy. His name is Nivaan Gupta. This would be my very first experience as a board member. I look forward to being a valuable addition into the school board by  giving feedback and consultation where ever required to the best of my knowledge.   I hope to positively contribute to the school community and my child’s future. Looking forward to enriching this role.


Manpreet Kaur Octian- Parent

My children, Malisha and Anisha, have been students at Osborne Primary School since Kindy and they love their school.  I have enjoyed being part of the school, volunteering in various school activities. I look forward to contributing further in the school’s achievements as a school board member.

Sarah Aitken – Parent

My husband and I chose Osborne Primary School for our children because of the community feeling and welcoming atmosphere.  Both our children love their school. I feel that an effective school has engaged parents who are willing to participate in school life.  I look forward to continue supporting the school through my role as a parent on the school board.

Linda Griffin – Principal

As principal I value the input the board makes to the school’s strategic vision and its role in keeping us all accountable to our business plan and system obligations.  The board is a think tank that  supports our leadership team in making decisions that consider the needs of all stakeholders in our learning community.  It is a privilege to  be part of such a committed team.

Letty Stasev – Deputy Principal

I have been a member of the teaching staff at Osborne Primary School since 1985 and have been the Associate Principal for the past 4 years. I have enjoyed being part of this small school community where staff and students know one another, care for and help each other. Over the years I have always taken on extra responsibilities whenever the need has arisen. I have seen many changes over the years and look forward to making a contribution in the next phase of our progress as an Independent Public School.

Allison McAuliffe – Staff

My name is Allison McAuliffe, I have been teaching for over 25 years with the last five being here at Osborne Primary School. I have taught all year levels from Pre Primary to Year seven. I look forward to making a positive contribution to the school board.

Julia Boardman  – Staff

I have enjoyed teaching at Osborne Primary School since 2004, after relocating to Perth from NSW. I have taught in many different roles across the school including classroom, support and relief teacher and more recently specialist teacher. This role allows me to work with and develop relationships with students across the whole school. I now look forward to my role on the school board to support and make a positive contribution to the future of our school.